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Entry #20

communist china

2013-01-17 01:04:08 by C-G-B

Your skin a white stained sensation
Clinical bodies won't do
And as we're pumping, pumping and resisting
Inserting love into you

Communist China
Take me to heaven
Somebody wrong
We'll throw glass in your face
Call it new propaganda
'Cos we've been waiting for so long

I'll take you out in the moonlight
Oblique horizons won't do
The knife in your fist
Is breaking up the white walls
Here's penetration for you

Face-to-face confrontation
Personal problems for you
The conversation's getting far too vicious
Impersonation won't do


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2013-01-17 02:40:18

Pretty intense imagery


2013-06-21 22:22:41



2013-10-29 02:09:22

its gonna be a game 2 play the game of newgrounds