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Negro music Negro music

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woop woop

whats the sound of the police????

[KK] 1:03:55 [KK] 1:03:55

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I own my life for this nihilistic Masterpiece!

Through the fluid identification of the listener's apathay, 1:03:55 exposes the post-war crisis of masculinity. Through the use of back mask, with "gay" versions of song and clever pranks colonizes the major pillars of post-feminism. The apex of the Green monologue echoes passive and active gaze through its deliberate suppression of meaning meant to signify passion. The subversion of the male gaze in the use of power figures such as Winston Churchill and Ronald Grundeswald unpacks the subjugation of the individual in the face of the primacy of modern pseudo-musical-post-coitus obsession.

Most of all the various usage of non-aesthetic tone launches visual salvos against the fascist aesthetic through its use of audible mise-en-scene.

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pwned by the awesome face! pwned by the awesome face!

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Pwnd indeed!

pwned by the awesome face! deconstructs pre-Oedipal anxieties through its subversion of the male gaze. It hybridizes scopophilic tendencies of the audience through its prevalance of foreground obstructions. Through the use of subversive leading tone, and audible texture it calls into question the containment of audible pleasure-- a certain addicting series of wavelengths that subjugate the mind into a state of complete willing suspension of displeasure.

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